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"Dan Yanak and his team are fantastic!! I have been with him for over 30 years and am very happy with his insurance company! He is efficient, very friendly, and very personable! I'm very lucky to have Dan Yanak insurance in my life! His prices are excellent & he reviews pricing constantly to pass the saving down to the customer. They are very personable and genuinely care for all of their clients. He makes sure coverages & needs of clients are met while providing the best available rates. Honest, dependable, trustworthy! Thank You Dan for running a top notch business!"
Val Ritzenthaler
"Oh my gosh!!!! Ann Gebard is the absolute BEST for all your insurance needs. I bought a new car Monday and called her after hours to see if she could switch my insurance to my new car and she not only answered the phone but answered all my questions and took care of the switch. I live two hours away and still choose to have Ann as my insurance agent because of the personal service I receive and the piece of mind I have knowing she’s taken care of everything so I don’t need to worry about anything."
Jennie Wollf
"I was look for new insurance for home, auto and motorcycle. The trifecta! I didn’t think I was spending that much a month. I got with Jeremy Milner and asked him to look at my policies. With in a couple of minutes he said I can save you money. He took my information the next day he called me back. And told me what I was going to be paying I thought he was joking and he forgot to add the house on. They save me almost 120$ a month from my last company. It helps to get someone local to help you and take care of you! So good that on the first day of the new policy we had someone hit the car from behind. It may have not been funny. But with out hesitation they took care of us! But when you think of it first day new agent new company you just had to laugh. They have answered every question we have asked honestly. That what I like tell me the truth! 5 stars in my book. FYI that 5 out of 5!! Call them ASAP save that money!! Thanks to the team and Jeremy!"
Adam Klein
"Dan is a great guy, great staff. Competitive rates from many suppliers. Over 15 years a customer."
Paul Stein