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About Us

Who we are

Let us help you with insurance.  The Yanak Group is here to help you save on all lines on insurance including car, home, and life insurance.  We offer multiple products while offering affordable rates, mobile App availability while providing exceptional personalized service.

We are professionals

The Yanak Group is dedicated to serving our communities.  Our dedicated staff is licensed in multiple lines of insurance in the states of Ohio and Michigan.  We live and work in the area and are eager to answer your questions so we can understand your needs.  We will find the best product to serve your needs and budget.

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Our Team

Dan started his insurance career in 1997 after graduating from The University of Mount Union.  He has attended numerous sales and training seminars over the years and is licensed to sell Property & Casualty and Life and Health insurance products.  Dan opened the first Yanak Insurance Group location in Sandusky in 2007, followed by the Amherst location in 2012 and Port Clinton and Clyde in 2018. 

Nationwide Insurance has recognized the Yanak Insurance Group as an Elite level and Farm Master certified agency because of their strong commitment to customer service and their dedication to growth while being a strong community-based business that takes pride in giving back and serving the communities they are located in.  Progressive Insurance also recognized the agency as a fast-growing agency that uncovers clients’ needs to educate them on all the Progressive product offerings.  Grange Insurance recognized the agency in 2024 as an agency that surpassed sales goals with excellent customer service response scores. 

Dan believes in the “Golden Rule” which is treat everyone like you would like to be treated.  This belief is why there are so many clients that have remained with the Yanak Insurance Group since they first opened their doors and why their clients continue to refer their friends and family members to Dan and his experienced team of agents. 

Sue Burgos

Sue is a Vice President and agent at Yanak Insurance Group’s Amherst location.  Sue has over 4 decades of insurance experience dating back to when her father opened his agency. Sue’s experience and expertise covers a wide range of insurance products including commercial, auto, home and life insurance.  As an Amherst resident, Sue is remarkably familiar with the community and treats her clients like family.  She can often be seen going the extra mile for her clients whether it be an after-hours text, or a face-to-face visit walking a client through a claims process. 

Sue has gotten numerous 5-star Google reviews and believes that treating people with honesty and respect is the reason she has seen future generations of families trust her with their insurance needs.   

Randy Troike

In his role as Vice President and Sales Agent at Yanak Insurance Group’s Port Clinton location.  Randy specializes in Farm and Commercial Insurance. He demonstrates a commitment to serving clients with integrity and compassion. His mission is to provide insurance products that safeguard against unforeseen loss, drawing from his personal experience to offer tailored solutions. Randy’s dedication has earned Yanak Insurance Group recognition from the Ottawa County Farm Bureau, a testament to his leadership and excellence. Since joining the team in 2018, Randy has prioritized genuine care for clients, embodying the principle of treating others as he would like to be treated. His notable experiences, including assisting a client impacted by a devastating tornado, underscore the importance of empathy, open communication, and attentive listening in addressing client needs. 

Randy has over 30 years of insurance experience that he puts to great use to work to find his valued clients the best possible solutions for their insurance needs. 

Teri Behrends

Teri serves as a licensed insurance agent at the Port Clinton office of Yanak Insurance Group, dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of clients. Committed to the company’s mission of providing top-notch assistance to all clients, Teri prioritizes personalized service and attention to detail. Teri also values the collaborative team environment at Yanak Insurance Group, which has enhanced her expertise in the insurance industry. Through teamwork and shared knowledge, Teri ensures that every client receives tailored coverage, emphasizing the importance of thorough communication and understanding in delivering exceptional service. 

Teri has over 4 decades of specializing in writing boat insurance for just about any kind of make or model.  She has even helped Fortune 100 insurance companies write their boat underwriting rules and regulations. 

Candi Eden

Candi, as an Associate Agent at Yanak Insurance Group Clyde’s location, specializes in explaining policy limits and coverages to ensure clients understand their property, auto, and recreational vehicle insurance policies, particularly in claims scenarios. The company’s mission statement revolves around conducting business with ethics and integrity, values deeply aligned with Candi’s personal and professional beliefs. Candi finds fulfillment in Yanak’s commitment to treating clients and colleagues with respect, appreciation, and courtesy while delivering exceptional customer service. 

Throughout her tenure at Yanak Insurance Group, Candi’s contributions have been acknowledged, highlighting her dedication to excellence in service. Recognitions at staff meetings and expressions of appreciation from company leadership validate Candi’s steadfast commitment to the organization’s mission.  

Candi will work tirelessly to find our clients the best insurance product for the best value! 

Jeremy Milner

Jeremy, an associate agent at Yanak Insurance Group for over three years.  Jeremy is so versatile he works in 3 locations: Amherst, Port Clinton, and Sandusky.  He embodies the principles of excellence and service. Specializing in property and casualty insurance, with a certification in farm insurance, Jeremy’s commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of his clients reflects his dedication to personal and professional growth. Through educating his clients beyond state mandates, Jeremy empowers them to make informed decisions, fostering a legacy of success in both his career and the lives he touches. 

Jeremy’s true strength is taking the extra time to uncover each client’s needs and then placing them with the right carrier that matches the coverage’s the clients are looking for. 

Ann Gebard

Ann, an Associate Agent at Yanak Insurance Group who’s truly making waves. She’s all about home and automotive insurance, running the show at the Sandusky office with grace and expertise. From quotes to policies, Ann’s got it covered, and she’s not stopping there. She’s also the creative genius behind our marketing efforts, connecting with clients on a deeper level and making sure they get the coverage they need. Ann’s commitment to building relationships over transactions aligns perfectly with Yanak Insurance Group’s values. Her dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed, she has earned the prestigious designations of (PLCS) in Personal lines and (CLCS) in Commercial lines insurance. But it’s not just about the accolades; Ann’s journey has shaped her into a powerhouse in the industry, with insights that set her apart. Even in the face of adversity, like the flood crisis in Sandusky, Ann’s resilience shines through, proving she’s got what it takes to tackle any challenge that comes her way. Ann’s story is one of determination, growth, and unwavering passion for serving others. 

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